Providing Income Producing Covered Parking Solutions for over 40 years.


Our line of Multi-Housing style carports provide solutions for a variety of commercial applications including utility & storage, police & essential vehicles protection, RV Carports and more.


Solar carports take full advantage of large parking areas for the purpose of producing electricity while providing shaded or covered parking for tenants, employees and customers.

Design build→

We are uniquely qualified to provide Design build services for structural and ornamental steel applications such as entry canopies, customer stairs, helical piers and more.

Select from a wide range of steel carport designs or engage our expert staff to develop a custom carport solution.

Our Story

Cadillac Carport Inc. Founder "Jerry D. Suzore"  1970

Cadillac Carport Inc. Founder "Jerry D. Suzore"  1970

Carport Structures Corp. has been providing covered parking solutions "carports" and structural steel canopy products for multi-housing and commercial applications for more than 40 years. In that time we have earned an excellent reputation for our outstanding customer service and superior quality steel carport systems. Our extensive experience in structural steel and light gage fabrication, along with our uniquely qualified sales team, engineering staff and installation crews, make us the leader in steel carport design, manufacturing and installation. 

As a privately owned and operated fabrication and construction service group, we specialize in the design, manufacturing and installation of steel carport products such as multi-housing carports, solar carports, walkway canopy and covers, shade structures, park shelters, RV carports and other carport related products and services, such as carport replacement components and carport repair services. By concentrating on these niche products and services, Carport Structures has refined and optimized the steel carport design, manufacturing and installation process.  

800LF solarcarport 0.jpg

In recent years, the renewable energy industry, specifically solar energy, has gravitated toward using elevated solar structures or "solar carports" to maximize the commercial and utility scale of solar energy projects. With our history and experience in carport design, it has been an obvious fit to engage the solar industry. Our uniquely trained staff can propose a solar carport or elevated solar structure that is custom designed to directly receive solar panels in a variety of configurations.

Our Staff

Carport Structures Corporation takes pride in the high caliber of people who run the day to day operations.  Our shop and field crews maintain an unparalleled work ethic and working knowledge of the equipment and resulting products. Likewise, our sales staff, designers and project management teams ensure the successful execution of every carport project. 

Our Facility

Located at 1805-1825 Metamora Road in Oxford, Michigan, Carport Structures operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility situated on 20 acres. Our shop is specifically configured and optimized for the manufacturing of steel carports for multi-housing, solar and commercial carports applications.


Let us guide you through the design, development and fulfillment of your next carport related project.