Carport Single Column Flat

Single Column Flat Carport

Style Sheet

Color Chart


Wind Load: 90 MPH minimum
Ground Snow Load: 30 psf minimum
All Federal, State and Local codes reviewed


HSS ASTM A-500 Grade B A-500
Coating Options: Primed or Hot Dip Galvanized


Misc. or Wide Flange A-992 Grade 50 Steel
Coating Options: Primed or Hot Dip Galvanized


16 GA. Cold Rolled G-90 Galvanized Steel


29 GA. Roll Formed Galvanized Steel
Exposed Fastener Type
Siliconized Polyester or Kyner 500 Factory Finish
White Underside


Hot Dip Galvanizing "Now Standard"
Site Specific Configuration and Layout
Consealed Fastener Standing Seam Roof Panel
Soffit Under Sheeting
Metal End Panels 4' x 12'
End Overhangs 1' max
Solar Racking

Single column flat style carports are configured using (1) columns per bay or "two car spaces" and have a slightly pitched roof to shed rain and snow.